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The Latest Starcode News Pictographs shared
at Uluru during the Cosmic Conciousness Conference!

"The energy around The Rock(s) and triad of power places (and also globally around the planet and into the cosmos; as above, so below and as within, so without; the microcosm - macrocosm) was greatly influenced by the Summer Solar Solstice, a partial Lunar eclipse, and the great conjunction of Jupiter and saturn. A very astrologically powerful time for the Earth, and one which asks each one of us to 'grow-up' spiritually, step into our power as cosmic citizens and co-creators, to acknowledge all things past and present; and within free will and without judgement, to focus - and to consciously create benevolent outcomes for our collective future.The sigils and glyphs of the STARCODE call to our subconscious remembering of how great we are ("how great thou art") as a divine spark of the cosmic creative consciousness while simultaneously providing a multidimensional, conceptual, physical and tactile tool to help us question current realities, explore novel possibilities and access the wisdom and answers within."

Dee N,
writing about her experience attending the Cosmic Consciousness Conference and offering readings with the STARCODE MYRIAD deck and STARCODE Soul Signs Tarot at Yulara on Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, Australia.   

(Dee is a Registered Nurse at Always On Duty,Naturopath, Herbalist & Reiki Master at Purely Natural Solutions).

For Energy Readings and selected STARCODE products contact Dee at purelynaturalsolutions@bigpond.com (and on LinkedIn)

Starcode at Uluru

Starcode at Uluru

The Wild Tulip TAROT
'Every Garden has its Secrets'

As the first Tarot deck to include Latest Starcode News symbols,
The Wild Tulip TAROT
presents a hand-painted and collaged collection of 78 images created for instant guidance and celebrating the intuitive spirit within!

shop securely with PayPal for Angela Dicker's Wild Tulip Tarot
shop securely with PayPal for Angela Dicker's Wild Tulip Tarot

"Pick any three cards and I'll tell you a story"
Inspired by a dream and embedded with over 150 upright and reverse keyword meanings - this colourful deck presents an intuitive landscape filled with dancing flowers and whimsical characters designed to share 78 Tarot pathways in a way that's revealing and easy to use. From the moment you open the pack -  all that you need to access the knowledge in the garden of the
Wild Tulip TAROT is a question and the desire to know more!

Each 84 piece package contains:-

A full set of 78 Tarot cards created from original hand painted and collaged works
 Original short story based on the dream that inspired the deck
 Double sided information cards containing reading tips and layout suggestions

* The option to purchase a matching zippered, lined carry pouch (as shown above) is also available.

To see more images and to order your deck CLICK HERE


The Latest Starcode News - Auriga Keystone Collection! Auriga Keystone Collection has arrived !

Tony Amendola with his Starcode Auriga Keystone

Popular American actor Tony Amendola wearing one of the new Limited Edition Starcode Keystones.
This piece carries a design titled 'Compass' and represents the energy of Versatility -"Every direction offers the gift of experience"
Tony is pictured here with convention co-organiser Fryn Rogers at Gatecon's September 2016 event  titled The Homecoming held in Vancouver, Canada.

Great picture guys and thank you Tony! To see more on Tony Amendola's stage and screeen work please visit :  http://tonyamendola.com/

Lyndal Tuia from Fremantle in WA wearing her favourite Keystone Pendant New Horizons
     Lyndal Tuia from Fremantle in WA wearing her favourite Keystone Pendant New Horizons

Lyndal Tuia from Fremantle in WA wearing her favourite Keystone Pendant  "New Horizons".
Lyndal is a qualified Early Childhood Education Teacher studying a Master's degree in Social Work at the University of Western Australia.
The theme of the 16th Keystone is all about expanding our energies to include new possibilities so this design aligned well with her chosen pathway
- all the best Lyndal!

Jean Daniel Ichallelene and Angela Dicker wearing their Starcode Auriga Keystones

Chef Jean Danielle Ichallalene wearing his favourite Starcode Keystone #29 'The Navigator'
(Angela is wearing Keystone #24 'Moonrise'): Click here to choose your favourite energy sign!

1997 saw the arrival of the first twelve pictographs, and twenty years on -  the complete Latest Starcode News - Auriga Keystone Collection! Keystone collection
in beautiful solid pewter is now yours to enjoy! (Scroll down to see the full story).

Click here
to see this new Auriga Keystone chapter of the STARCODETM journey!

Click here to see BEACHSIDE - an 80 piece Deluxe Size Oracle Card Deck.

Click here to see ALL new products in our  PayPal Secure Checkout STARCODETM Shop

Click here to see the latest published edition of THE MYRIStarcode and The Myriad Intuitive Card Deck based on Starcode Symbols D  Card Deck

Click here to see 1997 Product progression map.

STshop securely with PayPal for Angela Dicker's Wild Tulip Tarot RCODETM
Auriga Keystone Examples
StarcodeTM Auriga Examples
StarcodeTM Auriga Examples

BEACHSIDE  - Western Australian Tourism / Lifestyle / Divination Card Deck.
Instant Divination Card Deck - 85 High Quality Cards (Shrink-wrapped): Premium 310 GSM Casino Quality Card Stock, Plastic-coated (Linen-finished).
Origin of Material from France. Large (Deluxe size) Cards:- 89 x 146 MM.  (3.5" x 5.75").
shop for Starcode, The Myriad, and Angela Dicker's original artworks
shop for Starcode, The Myriad, and Angela Dicker's original artworks
Starcode Indigo - an original Angela Dicker Card Deck

Out of the past and into the future - symbolism endures.

I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  I  N  G
Latest Starcode News - Auriga Keystone Collection!
The Auriga Keystone Collection

33 Affirmation Jewellery Designs for Modern Seekers

We visualise and create new worlds on the canvas of our minds to explore adventurously and without fear.
We understand that the choices we make affect all things and choose to live peacefully in faiths of many nations.
We fight for independence yet it does not divide us.
We are at liberty to change direction at any time without true loss and feel drawn towards those destined to be with us.
We show determination but are never ruled by it.
We collectively benefit from competition without argument and accept that life ends one cycle only to begin another.
With every thought - an energy.
For every wish - a reason.
                    In every life - a meaning  -            Latest Starcode News - Auriga Keystone Collection! Auriga.

WELCOME TO THE INTUITIVE WORLD OF THE Latest Starcode News - Auriga Keystone Collection! PICTOGRAPHS!
But first - a little background on how it all began...

'If you were to choose a favourite and least favourite pictograph from the following group without first knowing what your selections represented -which two would you select? (There are no right or wrong answers!)

Starcode - The Portal Key of Opportunity through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Transit Key of Action and Assertiveness through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Crossing Key of Creativity through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Constellation Key of Independence through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Twin Key of Balance through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Vortex Key of Adaptability through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Dimension Key of Attachment through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Trajectory Key of Motivation through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Boundary Key of Security through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Return Key of Application through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Satellite Key of Knowledge through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The Gateway Key of Faith through ......... - in Pewter Starcode - The13th Key of Personal Quest through ......... - in Pewter

This is the question I have been inviting people to participate in answering since 1998 - with some surprising results.
An overwhelming majority of people found their favourite design described an energy/life focus for them that felt personally meaningful - whilst their least favourite connected with either a personal challenge or area being given the least amount of focus.
For almost two decades, this became the way the symbols were shared - and it started out as a a single passage of text I intuitively downloaded (shown below) known as the:-

Latest Starcode News - Auriga Keystone Collection!
Statement of Purpose:

"You have the 'opportunity' to progress towards your desired objectives. Take 'action' safe in the 'knowledge' that 'security' is a state of mind. To find 'balance' you will need to have 'faith' in your own ability to become an 'independent' self-'motivated' being. 'Attach' yourself to your dreams, 'apply' your own particular brand of 'creativity' and always be ready to 'adapt' to changing environments.

If you give yourself to life this way,
you will indeed fulfil your intended purpose.
You are living proof that you have one. It is precisely why you are here."

The words highlighted in blue represent each of the twelve pictographs.
I had each pictographic 'Key' crafted into a square shaped pewter jewellery piece. A few sets were plated in silver and gold (the last of the gold collectibles is currently available in the shop - when it's sold - no more of these will ever be produced).

I put together a book of profile cards and some information on how to use the pieces for goal setting and personal readings.
Each profile card contained the name of the Key, its main energy representation, a spiritually inspired statement
and affirmations which I wrote especially for each symbol.
My friend and I presented them at spiritual fairs and science fiction conventions, where they generated a lot of interest and enabled us
to support various fundraisers and charity auctions using the donation of celebrity signed Keys.

In 2003 I created a new pictograph and The 13th Key went on to become one of the most popular designs with its first release selling out quickly. Although the last of these original square shaped pieces has now sold out - they are available in the new oval shape. In honour of the role this piece played in becoming a pivotal Key between the first and current series - I have republished its original spiritual message below:

The 13th Key: Inspiration
Master Key of the Personal Quest

Angela Dicker Starcode 13th Key of Inspiration
Dynamic energy through revelation: - The celestial/terrestrial connection

'The extraordinary demonstrates itself in many ways.'

"Your greatest challenge in every experience is the union of heart and mind, for together, they resonate to a powerful truth.
Your present direction carries the promise of a new future downloaded inside a memory yet to be revealed and unveiled through the brilliance of light. My energy demonstrates a moment of pure understanding captured within the space-time continuum of a spiritual awakening, where you become both the seer and the seen.
Choose your visions carefully, for there are worlds to walk towards and worlds to leave behind. Gather your thoughts and prepare to accept the choice your heart has already made. Hear the voice of reason as you embrace your individuality and venture forth. Your inner music dances to this life, and each life is born with a will of its own. As fragments of tiny stars evolve and break free, so has your choice of my energy made a statement that you are ready to embrace the quest.
This is your time, this is all your times - wait no longer..."

I believe the goal of generating a symbol is to convey meaning using a form or shape that can be recognised or 'sensed' at an intuitive level of awareness.
My experience, from working with these simple designs, has revealed that the meditation process used to create them is without a doubt the main reason they are able to 'speak' so effectively to people. The language of symbolism is filled with opportunities for us to reconnect with our natural 6 sense abilities as self motivated individuals willing to explore more of our collective lived experiences.
My hope is that you may find much that is positive and uplifting when browsing through the AURIGA KEYSTONE COLLECTION.
It was a joy to produce!

So what does it all mean?
Put simply, to select and wear a Latest Starcode News - Auriga Keystone Collection! Keystone is to affirm an energy focus that feels personally meaningful, and I would like to thank all those out there who by coincidence or intention became a part of this spiritual journey along the way. Without your support and enthusiasm, the voices of the first twelve elegantly simple pictographs and their self-empowering messages would not have been heard by so many for so long.

And to Clive; my friend and IT professional whose loyalty, hard work and legal expertise continues to make all the difference in the world:
I dedicate the spiritual message of the 23rd Keystone to you.


From time to time, we come across links which show others wearing their favourite Key and here is one we love!

To see actor Tony Amendola wearing his favourite STStarcode and The Myriad Intuitive Card Deck based on Starcode Symbols RCODE TM Key, click to this link :-


Starcode - Gatecon - Peter Williams charity auction - Stargate
 Starcode - Gatecon - Peter Williams charity auction - Stargate

We met the talented and charismatic Canadian actor JR Bourne during our visits to Vancouver
STStarcode and The Myriad Intuitive Card Deck based on Starcode Symbols RCODE TM in 2001 and 2002. He chose to wear 'The Twin' (Key of Balance) as his favourite Key.

Starcode - Gatecon - J R Bourne - Stargate

JR supports the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation  

Starcode - Gatecon - J R Bourne - Stargate

Photo taken in Vancouver - from our featured Gatecon scrapbook. Click here to see more brilliant photos.

Comments from some international Friends of  S TStarcode and The Myriad Intuitive Card Deck based on Starcode SymbolsR C O D E TM

Elaine Worby, Buckinghamshire UK- I bought a Starcode set and a Dimension Key. These are GREAT pieces, everyone is talking about them!

Steve McInnes, (Managing Director) Australia - wearing my Starcode Key creates an interest in my jewellery range second to none - thanks guys!

Esther van Lith, Utrecht, Holland - My Boundary Key gave me a renewed insight into my personality. This year I bought my Challenge Key (or as I like to call it my 'Lucky Key') Hopefully it will help focus and guide me the same way as my Boundary has done.

Gaea, Washington DC - Starcodes are AWESOME! I have gotten more compliments on my Keys than any other piece of jewellery I own - thanks!

Boyd Godfrey, ('Stargate' art dept.) - Beautiful craftmanship! - very impressed!

L.Mitchell, Manchester UK - I bought a Boundary Key and a full set. These things are uncanny I'm really impressed by them!

Stefanie Ross, Holland (Environmental scientist) - I can't remember how I heard about Starcode but I was intrigued by the concept immediately. I picked my code by looking at the poster and The Portal was the one that 'spoke'to me. When I read about it's meaning I was blown away.

Heather, California - I love having something that describes my personality, something I can wear and tell people about - thank you.

Alexis Cruz, Actor - 'Thank you for helping me find the reminder I needed for this time in my life. I'll wear it with pride and hope we continue to empower others'.

R Larimore, USA - Love my Starcode: it is SO me - thank you for enriching my life.

Jan Newman, Canada ('Stargate' makeup Dep. Head) - Gold is impressive - thank you for my set!

Laura Ward, Windsor Heights, Iowa USA - (gold Portal) -Love your Starcode pendants. People like them even more after I explain their meaning. Thanks!

Ute Lafin, Germany - It's universal!!

Charities which we have supported through donations / sale / auction / raffle / of celebrity signed Keys:-

West Australian Cancer Research - Guide Dog Association (NSW and ACT) - Moira Kelly (Sydney), The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Canada). Make A Wish Foundation (Canadian Branch).
Drop us a line
if your charity would like to participate in raffling or auctioning Keys and we will certainly do our best to help out. See the 'contact us' page or telephone us here in Perth on (+61 8) 9305 2223


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